Welcome to my blog and WordPress site. On here you’ll find all sorts of musings, pictures, and random stuff inspired by my hobby.

I understand that modelling and wargaming are not for all- with some believing gaming is playing toy soldiers, and others seeing it as glorification of war. I think that it’s more the former, and in no part the latter. My fiancee believes it’s a waste of money.

The modern period is more contraversial still, with raw wounds and ongoing conflicts. No disrespect is meant, nor any cheapening of sacrifices made by the bravest of us, in some corner of a foreign field. I have no desire to comment on the politics or focus on the economic drivers of conflict in the world. Although I do not disconnect the real life subjects from the models that I make, my models are merely models. I did not create their real life counterparts, nor have I deployed them to bring pain and suffering.

I like making and painting models, and once I have them, I occasionally game with them. The modern period gives huge scope for subjects, through sophisticated stealth fighter jets, to remote control robots used to counter IED’s. It’s amazing what can be done with balsa wood, plasticard, and google.

As it is my hobby I do not take myself seriously, so there is always artistic licence. Scale is therefore a guide rather than dogma, so 28mm, 1:48, 1:43 and 1:50, all are welcome. I don’t count rivets, although to my shame I did once mention to a volunteer at IWM Duxford that depicting a panzer grenadier carrying a ppsh43 was fine but they should really use an mp40. Don’t therefore expect pedantry or perfection. That is in abundance in another facet of my life.

Please therefore feel free to leave this site if you don’t wish to view its content, or if it in some way offends you.

For those still here, I said it earlier, Welcome………

Oh, and you may just find some non 28mm stuff floating around……


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