More Marines….

I caught myself a cold, which entitles me to feel both sorry for myself, and a free pass from house rennovation until She decides I am well enough to receive more tasks. Another couple of troopers followed….. More Eureka miniatures ….But I was feeling skittish, so rather than keep churning the squads, I segwayed intoContinue reading “More Marines….”

28mm Marines 2

The Overseeer decided to do some baking today, so I found myself unsupervised……. Which meant that I got started on the first of the fireteams. Finally. Need cleaning up after the bases dry, as the pics show some dust, but not bad….. Those are Eureka miniatures, nice, crisp and characterful sculpts. They work nicely withContinue reading “28mm Marines 2”

28mm US Marines

So, mizzle stopped play in the garden landscaping arena, so whilst the slave driver had her hand off the whip……. Not much in it really compared to the other, although the speckling is not great. Having said that IRL uniforms seem to fade pretty quickly, so maybe I’ll settle for a blotchy kind of shabbyContinue reading “28mm US Marines”


Ok, had a few hours this morning, so I locked myself away where no one could get to me to add more jobs to the “to do” list. Rennovations, overly demanding employers, and someone whose idea of relaxation is watching me work! A winning combo! Been a while since I started, but not forgotten…. IContinue reading “AAVP 7”

AAVP 7 Part 5

Ebay came up with the goods, so I found myself a couple of hours this afternoon to move the project on. It quickly dawned that I was going to be a couple of inches of track short to do both vehicles, so after some rude words and a trip down the rabbit hole of castingContinue reading “AAVP 7 Part 5”

AAVP Papercraft 3

Managed to find another couple of hours today, amid sorting out the sticking door, dodging the gale force winds, and clearing out the freezer! Turrets are rough sculpted some balsa detail on, and the first stages of the upgrade armour cut and fitted. Next stage is the tidying up and detailing, lots of superglue andContinue reading “AAVP Papercraft 3”

AAVP Papercraft 2

Part 2 of the build, the hulls formed and some basic structure shapes attached. They need some detail around the lower hull, suspension and inspection covers, before the wheels and track rollers are attached. This is a decent shot, showing the rear of the vehicle and exposed running gear. It also shows some good stowageContinue reading “AAVP Papercraft 2”

AAVP Papercraft

Ok, another one of my infrequent musings. Previously in my utterrings I have gone on about the use of papermodels to bolster my forces, so I thought I would post on my next attempt. Banished from my summerhouse workshop by the snow (-3°c and blue fingers will do that) I am on the dining roomContinue reading “AAVP Papercraft”


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